I’m off to bed.

If any attractive ginger girls with big bums would like to join me, that would not be an issue whatsoever. 

I make a mean Chai Latte.

I’d happily make Chai lattes for someone right now and cuddle up and watch movies and all that cute shit. (Preferably ginger pls)

That was a ginger spam. Haven’t done one in a while. Also, redheads and gingers don’t forget to submit!
I just want a funny girl with ginger hair and a big bum.

Is that too much to ask?

I really just want a ginger girl with a big bum.

Come here so I can touch it.

Insanely cute ginger girl riding the tube in London reading a Thor comic and wearing a zombie dress. I can’t handle this.


In a perfect world Tim Minchin and Christina Hendricks would make beautiful ginger babies.