Top 20 Hottest Followers, Not in order of how hot they are, but in order of when they followed me (For anon):

http://im—so— & (They count as one cause they’re a couple)

By the way, just cause you’re not on this list does not mean I don’t find you attractive. This is also not a definitive list cause I’m tired and a little tipsy. These are just 20 hot people that follow me and that I like.

Anonymous asked:
Top 20 followers you'd fuck

Okay that makes more sense

Anonymous asked:
Yes, who are your favorite followers that you'd fuck?

I’ll do it once I’m out of bed

Who gives a shit if you don’t finish college. Who gives a shit if you marry young. Who gives a shit if you go against everything your parents want. Do what makes YOU happy. And don’t you dare give a shit about what anybody else thinks.
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Relationship goals.

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